Biltmore RV Park

Biltmore RV Park was founded in 1958 by Mr. and Mrs. Hiers. William Hiers was born in Savannah, GA and was a merchant marine during WWII from 1943-1945. His wife, Mrs. Hiers, was a nurse from Portsmouth, VA. After William Hiers left the merchant marines, he and his wife traveled the country in an RV that they purchased in 1954. While traveling the country, they realized how hard it was to find quality RV parks and decided they wanted to build one in Savannah, GA. After searching for quite some time, they found the land they wanted to purchase which was originally part of the Silk Hope Plantation. The area in which they had decided to purchase their land has many ties to the Civil War and is close to Lebanon Plantation and many other historical markers. By hand, they began clearing their piece of land to be able to accommodate other RV enthusiasts. During the 60's and 70's, they added an on-site, full-service showroom to sell several RV brands, one being Airstream trailers. Now, this old showroom has been transformed into an Antique and Collectible shop carrying an eclectic blend of items for guests to purchase. With many years of RV experience in the Hiers family, they built a quaint park offering all RV and camping basics.

There are many shaded sites that feature beautiful oak trees and much of the park has azaleas which were planted in the 1950's after a Savannah judge encouraged planting them throughout the city to maintain its beauty. Many are still living after 57 years. Additionally, there are full water, sewer, electric, and cable hookups at each site. These sites are twice the size you would find at many other RV parks and cater to the mature, traveling public which makes for a very quiet setting that many RV goers have difficulty finding at other locations.

Biltmore RV Park is now run by Barbara, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hiers, and it is truly a family business. Mrs. Hiers still frequents the park and comes in to help her daughter run the place she built from the ground, up. The entire family has a deep love for the city of Savannah and loves to share that love with each guest that visits.